Carty & Company, Inc.

Institutional Investment Products

The unique experience with Carty & Company is the flexibility of product selection for institutions. To maximize our client’s investment portfolio, we have access to our inventory or the open market. We offer a variety of institutional investment products to meet your needs.

Corporate Bonds

Carty & Company has an experienced staff and trading desk dealing in all types of corporate bonds from high yielding bonds to investment grade bonds. Learn more about corporate bonds today

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Municipal Bonds

For over 50 years, Carty & Company has specialized in bank qualified Municipal Bonds with the institutional investor in mind. Learn more about municipal bonds today.

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Government Bonds

Carty & Company offers U.S. Treasury Bills, Notes, and Bonds, as well as U.S. Government Agency paper and Certificates of Deposit. Our staff and traders can competitively help you with any purchase or sale of these instruments.  Learn more about Government Bonds today

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Mortgage Backed Securities

Since the creation of GNMA, FHLMC, and FNMA Carty & Company, Inc. has participated in the Mortgage-backed Securities market. Learn more about Mortgage-Backed Securities today.

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Did you know…

Tax Free Income

Federal and state tax-free income is achievable with municipal bonds.