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Institutional Clients

Carty & Company’s Institutional Services

Founded in 1970, Carty & Company has continuously served as a partner in education with our clients. The value of experience in our institutional department is the cornerstone of our clients’ success. The department’s industry expertise enables clients to understand fixed income and economic trends, identifying new opportunities where there is relative value in the marketplace to maximize the amount of yield vs. risk in their portfolio holdings. Our goal is for every client to understand the details of individual securities, relevant risks, rewards, and influences on the value of their portfolio.

Institutional Products

Carty & Company’s active trading desk will help you find securities that fit your investment parameters at the price you need. Our inventories offer a variety of fixed income options that are competitive with any other firm. We can provide pricing for virtually all fixed income and compare

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Investment Banking

Carty & Company is a market maker for municipal bonds. We have a long history of participation in helping local governments such as cities, towns and counties, as well as states and political subdivisions raise capital for the benefit of their communities.

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USDA/SBA loan sales are a profitable way for banks to support the borrowing needs of their clients without straining capital ratios.

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We have a knowledgeable, experienced staff and trading desk available to help you meet your investment goals.