We are performance focused, offering analytic tools that are meaningful to clients’ portfolios.

Analytics are the core of any portfolio.  We help clients understand how their assets are performing currently and how they will perform as market dynamics change.  Comparing static information like duration against historical data, such as price changes over past quarters, helps portfolio managers understand the bigger picture.  Our analytics identify portfolio strengths and weaknesses, giving our clients a clearer picture of high performing investment products versus product types where the risk outweighs the return.

The analytics we provide are tailored to eliminate unnecessary data and cut to any portfolio’s main objectives –

  1.  Optimize portfolio returns
  2.  Uncover hidden risks
  3.  Prepare for future investment opportunities 
  4.  Peer group outperformance
  5.  A source of liquidity

Understanding the impact of interest rate shocks, sector allocation analysis, and making sure strategies achieve the desired goals is important to portfolio management.  We can help.  For further information, please contact the Research & Strategies Department at (800) 767.8940.